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Corporate carbon accountability can help save the planet. Pigment is actually building the world’s first tool capable of delivering it.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably worried about
climate change

As a business leader,
You understand that proactive efforts to cut carbon emissions are key to retaining and engaging your staff

As an employee,
You want to help drive change for your organization and people around the world

What if there was a superior approach to carbon reporting that could also communicate progress to key stakeholders?

The good news is, there is a way forward.


What’s missing in the current state of carbon footprint measurement?

Companies only have access to limited high-level data

Are your reports capturing all aspects of your carbon impact?

Existing methods are too slow, manual, and static

How scalable is your current carbon reporting?

The few tools available are inefficient

Are you still trying to do this with spreadsheets?

We need a radically different approach to carbon accounting

Change begins with immediate action and builds up to a sustainable, long-term vision.

Which means that proper carbon measurement needs to start right now, based on three conditions:

condition #1


Organizations need highly granular, real-time data showing the carbon footprint impact of every single product and activity.

Did you know switching your camera off can cut video call carbon emissions by 96%?
condition #2

Simple data access

It's hard to prioritize the most impactful changes with data that isn't easily accessible, customizable, and easy to use. Individuals, departments, and regions need to visualize and compare their CO2 production to truly improve carbon performance.

condition #3

Measurable financial benefits

“Show me the money” remains the fastest way to influence c-suite decision-making.

It’s vital for your data to immediately show:

Direct financial costs

Untapped savings opportunities

Change starts from within

The drive for change cannot just be

Encourage collaboration among employees and climate champions in the race to become a greener corporation.

Empower individuals to be accountable for their own real-time carbon KPI to build unstoppable momentum in the fight against climate change.

Meet Pigment

Comprehensive carbon accounting that empowers your employees to take positive action for the planet.

Built-in collaboration

Align cross-functional teams with collaborative carbon emission goals

Informed decisions

Weigh multiple possibilities with scenarios of your carbon footprint roadmap

Integrated solutions

A carbon accounting solution integrated with every other dimension of your business

Fast, granular, intuitive interface

The fastest, most granular, and highly intuitive tool to measure carbon output

Clean, accessible data

Better data that’s easy to use and can supplement the expertise of third-party consultants

Cheerz is on a mission to lower emissions!

We’re running a pilot carbon accounting project with the instant photo printing company, Cheerz. The company can can now measure the carbon output of every product it sells, by capturing data from partners, suppliers, factories, staff, travel activities, and office operations.

Yearly & monthly carbon footprint measurement

Implemented by our team in only two weeks


93% reduction in prep time for annual reporting, from two weeks to one day

Clearer internal communication around the company’s impact on the environment

Easier identification of key levers to reduce negative environmental impact

Increased time to focus on analysis, roadap planning, and strategic execution

We’re launching this initiative for change-ready organizations

Everything you need to know

Bring us your data

Provide secure access to your financial and physical data under a signed NDA.

Appoint a chief impact officer or a sustainability officer.

Ready in less than six weeks

We conduct due diligence through weekly meetings with your chief impact officer.

Sit back as we nurture and scale your carbon reporting

The Pigment team handles all data modeling for you from the moment you complete data collection.

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