P&L, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheet in Pigment

The home of financial modeling and forecasting.

three-statement dashboard in Pigment

Financial statements shouldn’t be so difficult

If you’re struggling to make sense of your financial statements, you’re not alone. For many organizations, it can turn into a nightmare.

  • Lack of visibility into the P&L and cash flow business drivers 

  • Complex data mappings and allocations

  • Manual data preparation, reducing time spent acting on insights

  • Unreliable data due to the proliferation of versions and data sources

Understand your organization’s vital signs

Watch the 2 minute demo below to see how to manage your financial statements in Pigment.

A single source of truth for your financial statements

Instantly understand your real-time financial status and business drivers by connecting your financial statements for accurate and timely financial reports.

Integrate business data in seconds

Integrate with your different source systems to build accurate financial statements, with confidence.

Adapt with ease

Report on multiple dimensions and adapt to any consolidation and mapping rule to build financial statements that reflect the reality of your business.

three-statements thumbnail dashboard in Pigment

Key features for integrated 3-statement build

Automated data imports

Collect accurate data from multiple sources in real time to avoid time-consuming tasks and data import errors.

Rich data visualization

Build and share customized and digestible dashboards with your company colors to ensure the most personalized planning process.

Flexible mapping

Fine-tune your mapping and save it for future use, accelerating the time it takes to build and update your financial statements.

“The biggest thing for us was to be able to look at the business in all the different ways that we want too. And at the same time, forecast our P&L in a way that makes sense.”

Janelle Waters · Director, Strategic Finance, Carta