Budget Planning & Forecasting in Pigment

Automate menial tasks and work better as a team to create budgets and forecasts faster.

Budgeting and forecasting dashboard in Pigment

Budget planning and forecasting could be so much easier

Year-end budget planning and forecasting can be a daunting task for finance teams. The story is the same every year:

  • Manual data collection and consolidation

  • Lack of cross-functional alignment

  • Complex models that make re-forecasting difficult

  • Lengthy and time-consuming budget planning and forecasting cycles

A more coherent way to plan and forecast

Watch the 2 minute demo below to see how to budget and forecast in Pigment.

Surface actionable insights

Run variance analysis on the same platform you build your budget. Understand and flag the reasons behind identified gaps (budget overspend or budget pulled in, exceptional events, etc).

Act and react at speed

Increase the number of times you forecast and shorten your planning cycle. Update your rolling forecasts in one click and reduce your organization’s time-to-reaction to external and internal events.

Working together made better

Make budget planning and forecasting a truly collaborative process by connecting teams and their data sets in a central location.

Budgeting and forecasting thumbnail dashboard in Pigment

Key features for effective budget planning and forecasting

Scenarios on the fly

Run what-if scenarios in minutes to assess the key drivers that affect your business.

Actuals and forecast

Instantly add a new actual and forecast period everywhere in your model.

Granular access rights

Pigment offers fine-grained security controls to let you configure what an individual or a group of users can do, see, or modify on any board, metric, dimension or cell.

“The creation of a new cost center is 4 times faster. We are able to create them in bulk and attach them to the right dimensions/attributes with the appropriate hierarchy in a few clicks instead of creating them one by one and updating each dependency file.”

Marianne Vandeville · Financial Controlling Director