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Why did we start Pigment?

Most FinOps and RevOps teams still work with spreadsheets to run one of the most strategic processes for their organization: Financial and Sales planning.

Hours are spent manually pulling, updating, and distributing data. Models built on spreadsheets are bespoke and hard to maintain. cross-functional collaboration is difficult...

It all boils down to one fact : spreadsheets were never meant to do strategic planning. They reinforce data and people silos, preventing teams from working towards their common goals.

As a result, planning is usually seen as a dreadful process when, in reality, it drives strategy.

It is high time we serve it with the right tools.

Our founders

Eleonore Crespo and Romain Niccoli, Pigment co-Founders

Eléonore Crespo

Former Google and Index Ventures Investor

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Romain Niccoli

Former co-founder and CTO of Criteo

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Teams of
passionate experts

Shaking up a whole industry isn’t easy!

Our teams come from a diverse range of backgrounds and top companies such as Google, Facebook, Atlassian, Criteo, Datadog, Aircall, Payfit, Anaplan, and plenty of planning experts of course!

A team of passionate expertsA team of passionate experts

Work with flexibility!

With offices in Paris, London, Toronto, and New York City, Pigment encourages employees to find the best way to work with our office-led, remote-friendly hybrid setup. Spend roughly half your time in the office and half remotely, including some days to work from abroad.

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