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The best place to build, approve, and adapt integrated business plans.

Budgeting and forecasting dashboard in Pigment

Financial planning on your terms with Pigment

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Integrate anything, understand everything

Plan with the most up-to-date, accurate, and complete picture of your business by connecting all your teams and business applications to Pigment. Native connectors, generic APIs, and scheduled imports make Pigment a reliable touchstone for your business.

Plan together, without platform constraints

Pigment provides an elegant, easy-to-use platform where planning fits how the business operates. Take advantage of fine-tuned access controls, advanced collaboration capabilities, and automated workflows for a smoother planning process.

Stay ready for change

Plans always change, and sometimes fast. Pigment is built to adapt and scale to support your business as it does the same. Make changes to all your models at once, quickly run scenarios on the fly, and slice your data however you like.

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in Financial Planning Software, Sales Performance management, and Cloud xP&A solutions

30B+ USD

"Amazing experience using Pigment for our internal process and annual planning needs. The system is easy to use, adapts to our organization's needs and the product continues to innovate."

3B-10B USD

"Good experience implementing the tool, very strong user interface making it easy and fun to use. Stakeholders have been impressed by the look & feel which helped rolling it out to a broad audience."

500M-1B USD

"Its ease of use, advanced analytics and collaboration capabilities make it a valuable asset for any organization looking to improve its performance and achieve its goals."

250M-500M USD

"Futuristic planning and modelling platform. Provides excellent user experience, is highly adaptable, sleek , and saves us a TON of time. Could not imagine forecasting without it."

3B-10b USD

"Pigment is a very user friendly tool. It really is capable of doing magic in terms of financial planning."

50M-250M USD

"Pigment has become an invaluable tool in our organisation, both for actual margins analytics and scenario modeling."

50M-250M USD

"We now have a collaborative tool to better steer our budget and be more efficient during forecasting period... We have onboarded many stakeholders and receive very positive feedbacks."

3B-10B USD

"The new planning tool you have always wanted... We were able to bring in critical GTM data and then append in Pigment to create multiple scenarios, manage workforce management and show sales leaders live views of their territories, team quotas and general workforce."