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We’re building a dynamic Pigment Partner Universe to combine industry expertise and technology innovation. With our Partners, we equip organizations everywhere to confidently and quickly make decisions and build better plans.

Our partnership offering

We have a variety of Partnerships to ensure we offer our Customer the best of Systems Integrators to help them achieve their end goals with Pigment, Integrated Technology Partnerships to drive additive value on their tech stack, and Advisory Partners who can guide their transformation journeys.

Consulting Partners

Our Consulting Partners are carefully vetted and selected, to ensure we are fully prioritized on top quality implementation services delivered to our Customers.

Our Consulting Partners team up with Pigment’s professional services team to ensure the right joint teaming model is constructed for each and every project to ensure the Customer’s outcomes and expectations are met by the project team.

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Channel Partners

For companies who already have deep experience re-selling other Products, and have full scope Sales, Marketing, Implementation Services and Customer Success functions within their organization, we have a Channel motion to serve a specific Customer segment with the majority of the needs for their Customer journey with Pigment.

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Technology Partners

While Pigment has integrations to dozens of source systems, with certain Companies it makes sense to enter into a deeper, long-term strategic Partnership to ultimately drive more Customer value through our joint solutions, whilst simultaneously offering our Consulting partners a set of integrated, best of breed products to deliver to our Customers.

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Advisory Partners

Pigment has a limited number of Advisory Partners, carefully selected to ensure they can build and sustain top quality resources and skills to deliver Pigment implementations, in line with overall Company demand.

There are many other Companies, however, who work with our buyer Personas and can benefit their Customers from having a full understanding of Pigment’s value proposition, position in the market, and trajectory, such that they can accurately represent the EPM market so that their Customers can make a fully educated decision on their investment in an EPM Platform.

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Our customers

Outsourcing and Offshoring Consulting


"The strong functional capabilities and the scalability of the platform helps Webhelp unify and control complex financial reporting across its operations worldwide."

Bruno Vaffier

Chief Financial Officer at Webhelp



"We found that Pigment not only met all of our base criteria, but exceeded our expectations in connectivity, processing power, and the ability to collaborate."

Jeremy Stern

Finance Manager at ClickUp



"The tool itself is beautiful, well designed, which is something we care a lot about, and I’ve honestly never seen that in a financial planning tool before."

Nicole Wittlin

VP Strategic Finance at Figma



"The time our FP&A team has to spend to prepare things is essentially eradicated and it allows us to really add more value to the business and focus on analyzing numbers."

Mohamad Mookhith

FP&A manager at Deliveroo



"Before Pigment, I’ve done several EPM implementations over the last decade, and every time we’ve had a solution that wasn’t nimble enough to meet the business needs."

Sarah Riley

Head of Finance & Strategy at dbt Labs



"We're currently handling all our reporting, quarterly forecasting and annual budgeting processes in Pigment, including very detailed models (HR, Topline, Opex & Cash). We couldn’t have done that in a spreadsheet, not to that level of granularity."

Nicolas Lechien

Head of Finance at Malt

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