How Webhelp unified complex financial reporting across its operations worldwide

Bruno Vaffier
Group Managing Director CFO & IT Innovation
Bruno Vaffier
Bruno Vaffier
Group Managing Director CFO & IT Innovation
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At a glance

  • Webhelp sought a more robust financial planning and reporting tool that could help them overcome the limitations they encountered as a rapidly growing finance team.
  • As they continued to scale up, their financial requirements became increasingly complex. 
  • Pigment stood out among other EPM vendors as they aligned their tool with Webhelp’s vision of improving cross-departmental collaboration and simplifying business modeling processes. 
  • Pigment’s implementation facilitated the safe democratization of critical data and insights across the organization.

Addressing and overcoming limitations for a growing finance team

Webhelp, a global provider of customer experience and business solutions, was founded in 2000 by Olivier Duha and Frédéric Jousset. They now operate in 55 countries with over 100,000 employees. They currently serve an average of 1400 clients and are estimated to generate a revenue of €2.5 billion this year. 

Their financial planning and reporting requirements became increasingly complex as they continued to experience a significant annual growth rate of approximately 25%. Without a powerful  financial planning tool, their past approach proved inadequate in satisfying their revolving needs as they continued expanding and scaling. As their current solutions grew obsolete, they began searching for a tool to meet their needs more productively.

“Pigment has been built to allow the finance team to be a better business partner for other teams in the organization.”

Bruno Vaffier, Chief Financial Officer, Webhelp

Webhelp’s development of additional lines of business to satisfy their digital clients further warranted the need for a more powerful, robust, and sophisticated tool. Pigment, a more effective and advanced planning tool, has provided Webhelp with holistic and comprehensive capabilities to analyze and report productively on organizational financial data and insights. 

Why Webhelp chose Pigment as their financial planning and reporting tool

Webhelp underwent a rigorous selection process to find a vendor that could both understand and manage their evolving requirements. Their primary objective was to effectively align their finance teams worldwide by facilitating cross-border collaboration and streamlining and simplifying business modeling processes. 

During Webhelp’s two-week evaluation period and hackathon, they engaged with numerous vendors to practically test the features and capabilities of different enterprise performance management tools. Pigment’s ability to address their unique needs significantly impacted Webhelp’s decision-making process.

“What makes Pigment stand out from the crowd is simple. To each of our questions, Pigment answered, “Yes, it’s possible. Let me show you how right now.”

Huy Lê, Head of Finance Transformation, Webhelp

Pigment shared the same goals and vision as Webhelp, prioritizing continuous collaboration, agility, and simplicity in business processes and workflows. These aligned goals and dedication to democratized organizational data resonated with Webhelp’s long-term plan for their finance function.

How Pigment helped Webhelp safely democratize access to data

Pigment helped Webhelp usher in a transformative change by facilitating the safe democratization of access to critical data throughout different teams. This helped Webhelp ensure that relevant stakeholders and teams could securely access and analyze data and insights.

“An opportunity for us to bring together all the finance teams in all parts of the world to federate them around one project and one tool so that tomorrow we work better together.”

Bruno Vaffier, Chief Financial Officer, Webhelp

Pigment’s focus on data governance and security helped give them the confidence to grant employees access to crucial insights without compromising encryption or regulatory compliance. This enabled teams to analyze and utilize actionable insights without compromising confidentiality or data integrity. 

The transition to Pigment also empowered Webhelp to improve and foster collaboration across their finance teams. By leveraging Pigment’s advanced and powerful features, Webhelp was able to foster a culture of data-driven decision-making throughout its organization. 


Through their use of Pigment’s powerful platform, Webhelp has been able to:

  • Identify and address the obsolescence of their previous financial planning and reporting tools to manage their growing requirements and operations.
  • Fulfill their requirements with Pigment’s collaboration and business modeling capabilities. 
  • Safely share data across their organization, hence enabling key stakeholders to make more accurate, data-backed decisions.
  • Streamline financial processes with increased accuracy and agility.

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