Headcount planning in Pigment

Align your business strategy with your revenue objectives, salesforce capacity, and hiring plans.

headcount planning dashboard in Pigment

Headcount planning as we know it is broken

Workforce costs are the largest portion of organizational expenses, but building an effective headcount plan comes with multiple challenges.

  • Business objectives, hiring, and financial plans aren’t always aligned

  • Decisions are made based on unreliable data

  • It can take an extremely long time to make and approve decisions

  • Measuring and reporting ROI on talent is difficult

Understand your most valuable resource

Watch the 2 minute demo below to see how to plan your headcount in Pigment.

Make informed decisions with business insights

Understand the impact of internal and external events on your workforce and your plans; align the business’ resources to support its overarching objectives.

Turn data to insight, act on it fast

Identify at a glance gaps between budgeted headcount and actuals, quickly understand the impact on revenue and bottom line targets, and adjust your plans accordingly.

Bring everyone into one place

Provide a shared line of sight between human resources, finance, talent acquisition, and hiring managers so they can be on the same page and get things done faster.

Headcount planning thumbnail dashboard in Pigment

Key features for effective headcount planning

Automated data imports

Connect your different systems (ATS, HRIS, ERP) with robust integrations and data flows, and build an effective headcount plan based on accurate and real-time data.


Build end-to-end workflows and facilitate collaboration between the different stakeholders involved in the headcount planning process.

Organizational charts

Visualize and model any hierarchy of your organization, directly in Pigment.

“Before Pigment, headcount planning was a nightmare of spreadsheets and poor visibility. We can now understand the impact of org chart restructures on the financials of the company.”

Kevin Zell · Strategic Finance Manager, Carta