Next-generation integrated business planning

Build custom plans. Update them in real time.
Model any scenario. Make better decisions, faster.

How integrated planning helps you scale your business


Connect all your data

Import data from any business tool and build connected plans across all departments. With real-time updates, watch your plans and reports update automatically, allowing you to focus on making speedy and accurate decisions for your business.

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Model with flexibility

Shorten the time it takes to build dynamic, multidimensional models: from several weeks to just a few hours. Connect your finance, revenue, and workforce plans and watch them change together as your business evolves.


Report in real time

Build interactive reports for everyone to use, from CFO to sales representative. Using connected data sources for all your teams, surface insights as you go.


Run what-if scenarios on the fly

Plan for contingencies and estimate the impact of events and decisions within minutes. Visualize the impact of changes on your drivers, prepare for all eventualities and make confident decisions.


Break down silos

Bring together cross-functional teams and collaborate in an intuitive platform. Create a single system of record and a shared understanding of the numbers that matter to meet company goals.

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Protect your work and your data in Pigment

Focus on achieving your goals while we ensure your data stays secure. With enterprise-level security, SOC 2 compliance, and fine-grained access controls, Pigment puts your data security first.

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Empower your team with the right data and a seamless planning process

Bring Finance, Sales, HR, and other leaders onto a single platform

The Pigment user experience enables your entire organization to collaborate on a single platform. With intuitive modeling capabilities, seamless collaboration and workflows, Pigment enables fast and confident decision-making.

A truly business-owned platform

Planning shouldn’t add more work to your IT teams. That’s why Pigment allows you to have full control of how you administer and manage your planning processes, with granular access rights, modeling flexibility, and one-click integrations.

Host all your plans, forecasts, and reporting in one beautifully designed platform

Unlock integrated planning to break silos and drive the business forward by connecting your financial, sales, HR, and marketing use cases in one platform:

Driver-based Assumptions & Scenarios

Sales Forecasting & Incentives

Organization-level planning

Integrated Financial Impacts & Approvals

Forecasted Payroll, Benefits & Taxes

Experience the Pigment effect

Unseen time-to-value

Transform your planning processes in weeks:

Unlock real-time collaboration and reporting

Leave behind time-consuming tasks

Align all your teams on goals

Plan for the unexpected

Make better decisions, faster

“Our FP&A department has increased the planning frequency from quarterly to weekly”

Jose Ramon Iglesias · VP of FP&A

“We’ve had a phenomenal experience with everyone at Pigment as they’re genuinely interested and invested to make sure we’re successful”

Nicole Wittlin · VP Strategic Finance

Continuous value from day one

To accelerate your time to value and unlock your team’s performance, we bring together the highest level of service and best practices supported by:

Customer success experts

New product innovations every week

Dedicated community


Industry-leading partners

Business decisions at scale

To support your growth and connect your entire company, the Pigment platform allows you to handle large datasets and high user volumes while maintaining consistent and performant calculations.

“The flexibility of the platform was very impressive. It was able to handle large data sets and allowed us to cut data in ways we couldn't in Excel.”

Kevin Zell · Strategic Finance Manager

Features key to orchestrate your planning transformation

Automated data imports

Collect accurate data from multiple sources in real time to avoid time-consuming tasks and data import errors.

G Suite Connector

With Pigment’s Connector for Google Sheets, step-up your presentations by moving data seamlessly from your models to your slides.

Scenarios on the fly

Run what-if scenarios in minutes to assess the key drivers that affect your business.

Custom dashboards

Build and share customized and digestible dashboards with your company colors to ensure the most personalized planning process.

Audit trail

Trust your models and manage unwanted changes with an audit trail feature that allows you to track any input or model changes in your Pigment Workspace.

Granular access rights

Pigment offers fine-grained security controls to let you configure what an individual or a group of users can do, see, or modify on any board, metric, dimension or cell.

Formula playground

Model faster and confidently by testing the outcome of your formula before pushing into the live environment.

Drill down

Better understand all the components of your business with the Drill down feature which lets you explore your data and identify potential correlation between different values.

Dependency diagram

Visualize your model’s structure to understand how Pigment blocks depend on each other or how a given calculation has been made. This ensures model continuity and helps onboard your growing teams.

“The connectivity features helped us reduce our monthly update from half a day to five minutes, which is a huge time saver.”

Nicolas Buchillot · Senior Lead FP&A

Join the leading Finance, Sales & HR teams

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Pigment?

Pigment helps organizations make decisions they can trust, faster. Our customers see their data preparation time cut by over 75% and, more importantly, use that time to provide strategic guidance to their businesses.

Why is Pigment different from other tools?

Pigment combines a highly powerful modeling platform with a user-friendly interface which means business decisions can remain in the hands of business owners.

What is your pricing model?

Our plans are designed to meet the needs of different organizations. You can check our plans here.

How secure is my data within Pigment?

We provide enterprise-grade security standards with SOC2 Type I and your data security is our priority. You can read some of the measures we take to protect your sensitive information here.

How long is the implementation phase?

Our Customer Success and Support teams will help you get started. Unlike other planning tools which can take months to implement, Pigment can be fully implemented in just a few weeks. As a result, you can create a single source of truth and make decisions faster.