The complete EPM platform evaluation guide

Using this guide, equip yourself to ask the right questions while evaluating EPM platforms.

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Make the right choice for you

Choosing an EPM platform is a big decision and will have big ramifications for how you and your team work.

In this guide, we run through all the different evaluation criteria you need to be aware of - for example:

1. Integration capabilities - does the platform integrate with the business tools you're using already?

2. Modeling flexibility - we live in extremely uncertain times, and any EPM platform should be built with that in mind. How easy is it to change direction when you need to?

3. Access controls - an EPM platform will, naturally, contain a great deal of sensitive information. Can you ensure people are able to see only what they need to?

If you're considering a new EPM platform, don't make any decisions before you've read this guide.

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