Further simplify your planning experience

Single platform experience

Leverage a single platform to address all business needs and unlock unlimited possibilities.

Unified UX for end users and administrators

Real time and native connection between applications

Native data integrations with best-in-class systems

Cost of ownership cut in half

Say goodbye to cost unpredictability and embrace a better way of planning.

Simplified model maintenance, freeing IT teams’ time

Full control over planning processes management

Pre-built, customizable templates to accelerate time to value

Unmatched scalability and flexibility

Change your assumptions and get quicker answers with better insights.

Make it easy for decision-makers to self-serve

Maintain flexibility with evolving processes

Interchangeable reporting dimensions

The #1 Anaplan alternative is Pigment


Multidimensional modeling engine

Granular access controls and audit logs

Real-time integrated planning

Updates happen in real time and across applications, no matter how many users work on the same model.

Updates can take up to several minutes if other actions are being done at the same time.

Customized reporting

Pigment offers advanced formatting options for highly customized reporting, down to the cell level.

Formatting is fixed, which may leave teams unable to produce reports that make insights stand out.

Native direct integrations

Pigment natively integrates with multiple business applications (ERP, CRM, HRIS, BI solutions, and more)

Native integrations are limited to a few source systems.

Business-owned what-if scenario planning

One-click scenario planning, allowing users to quickly visualize and understand the impact of their decisions.

Scenarios need to be anticipated at the time of implementation; beyond that, a re-build may be necessary.

In-product conversations

Teams can easily add comments directly at the cell level, assign tasks and notify collaborators of changes, all in Pigment.

Collaboration in the platform is limited to adding comments on a card.

Limitless planning

Pigment is a sparse engine and therefore workspaces aren’t limited in capacity or number of users, at no additional cost.

Workspace size is limited per user, which may impact the performance of models and the number of dimensions that can be used.

Business-owned maintenance

Business users are able to build, update and maintain their models over time on their own, in any way they want.

Anaplan customers often need to heavily rely on internal experts or third-parties to maintain the platform, which may result in additional costs over time.


Pigment offers plug & play templates that are highly customizable and modular.

Only used as a reference, most platforms do not allow implementation directly from an existing app or template.

Learn more about upcoming features on our roadmap.

Make the transition in 5 simple steps

Step 1


Uncover migration drivers.

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Reasons often cited include cost unpredictability, CoE expenses, a lack of connection between models, and heavy maintenance requirements.

Step 2


Leverage Anaplan expertise.

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Some of our best Pigment modelers are Master Anaplanners, and have found many of their skills transferred to Pigment.

Step 3


Rapid model deployment.

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Models are built in a fraction of the time, leveraging best practices. We support data consolidation from your various Anaplan products (Polaris, HyperModel, etc.).

Step 4


Custom templates for implementation.

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Leverage customizable templates to unlock predictability in deployment, maximize adoption, and ensure self-sufficiency.

Step 5


Partnering for long-term success.

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Our customer success philosophy is anchored on achieving your outcomes together, through every stage of your growth.

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Customers rate us on Gartner

in Financial Planning Software

30B+ USD

"Amazing experience using Pigment for our internal process and annual planning needs. The system is easy to use, adapts to our organization's needs and the product continues to innovate."

3B-10B USD

"Good experience implementing the tool, very strong user interface making it easy and fun to use. Stakeholders have been impressed by the look & feel which helped rolling it out to a broad audience."

500M-1B USD

"Its ease of use, advanced analytics and collaboration capabilities make it a valuable asset for any organization looking to improve its performance and achieve its goals."

250M-500M USD

"Futuristic planning and modelling platform. Provides excellent user experience, is highly adaptable, sleek , and saves us a TON of time. Could not imagine forecasting without it."

3B-10b USD

"Pigment is a very user friendly tool. It really is capable of doing magic in terms of financial planning."

50M-250M USD

"Pigment has become an invaluable tool in our organisation, both for actual margins analytics and scenario modeling."

50M-250M USD

"We now have a collaborative tool to better steer our budget and be more efficient during forecasting period... We have onboarded many stakeholders and receive very positive feedbacks."