Sales Forecasting with Pigment

Align forecasts with targets to build better strategies.

Sales planning as we know it is broken

The best sales plans are built on data-driven insights. But the process can feel very difficult at times, thanks to issues that plague teams worldwide.

  • Lack of visibility into sales team’s performance against targets

  • A reliance on intuition-based assumptions

  • Misalignment between sales targets and revenue objectives

One place with all the insights you need to build effective sales forecasts

Watch the 2 minute demo below to see how to run Sales Forecasting in Pigment.

The right data, presented to the right people

Empower sales leadership to create reliable forecasts and make informed decisions with up-to-date business data, by bringing in the relevant cross-functional teams at the right time.

Set a clear path to achieving targets

Track reps’ performance by stage, region, industry, deal type, or any other criteria that matters to your team and adjust your sales strategy.

Identify the deals that matter most

Uncover and focus on the opportunities with real-time visibility on key accounts and performance. Run scenarios to establish which deals need the most focus to reduce the overall cost of sales.

Sales forecasting dashboard in Pigment

Key features for effective Sales Forecasting

Automated data import

Collect accurate data from your systems (CRM, ERP, HRIS, ATS…) in real time to avoid time-consuming tasks and data import errors.

On-the-fly scenarios

Run your best case, baseline and other scenarios, and easily generate variance analyses.

Drill down

Understand what makes up your sales pipeline, and build accurate forecasts.

“Pigment has helped us cut down a lot on the time the Sales Ops team spends on quarterly reporting by making it easy to track how sales teams are performing, when they are ramping, how each of them are achieving their goals, etc.”

Troels Veien · Sales Analytics & Performance Manager