Who said business planning had to be a clunky process?

Leading organizations are making the switch from Planful to Pigment to make business planning more efficient. What are you waiting for?

Hear from customers who chose Pigment over Planful

"Amazing experience switching from Planful to Pigment. The flexibility of the platform is very impressive and it’s able to handle large data sets."

Kevin Zell

Senior Manager of Strategic Finance

"We increased our planning frequency from quarterly to monthly and weekly, and are now more comfortable managing operational risks."

Jose Ramon Iglesias

VP of FP&A

And many more...

Why choose Pigment?

Single platform experience

Use one platform for unlimited possibilities.

A unified UX for end users and administrators

Simplified data management

Intuitive model building experience

Integrated planning at its best

Allow your finance team to become a true business partner.

Native, business-owned data integrations

Finance, Sales, and HR plans connected natively and in real time

360 visibility with fine-grained access controls

Built for the end user

Access a library of point and click calculations designed for end users.

On-demand spreadsheet experience

Interchangeable reporting dimensions

End-to-end workflows and advances collaboration capabilities

Empower your business users with more power and flexibility

Automate your data imports

Access all your data with direct and real-time integrations

Automate your imports with the Scheduling feature without relying on IT

Benefit from a single source of truth

Run native scenarios on the fly

Create scenarios in one click

Visually compare all possible outcomes in a single chart or grid

Make your scenarios read-only to prevent unwanted data inputs and imports

Easily administer your forecast

Create a new forecast and rollforward a period in one click

Use a single forecast version across all models to ensure alignment

Compare and analyze forecasts to surface trends

Access a spreadsheet experience on-demand

Switch to a familiar spreadsheet view without leaving Pigment

Leverage Excel formulas and functions within Pigment’s secured platform

Use it as a scratchpad environment, and feed the results back to your model

Create stunning reports

Conditionally format any data quickly and easily emphasize areas of focus

Create KPI cards, charts and grids for executive reporting

Build quality reports with drill down and investigative features

The #1 Planful alternative is Pigment


Multidimensional modeling engine

Granular access controls and audit logs

Real-time integrated planning

By connecting in real time teams, applications and use cases in one platform, Pigment enables seamless data flows and provides organizations with a single source of truth.

Planful provides a suite of products that don’t fully interact with one another. Connecting and maintaining a connection between them can be a clunky, time-consuming process.

Increased collaboration

Teams can easily add comments directly at the cell level, assign tasks and notify collaborators of changes, in any model or report.

Collaboration in the platform is limited to reporting only, with users not being able to add a comment directly into a model or a plan.

Simple model maintenance

Pigment provides a single platform with a single source of code, owned and maintained by business users.

Maintaining a suite of 3 solutions requires a variety of skill sets and complex coding language, which may result in relying on external consultants.

Native direct integrations

Pigment integrates directly with your source systems and continues to develop new native integrations.

Integrations are not native and go through a third-party platform. Setting up a new integration may result in additional costs over time.

Native what-if scenario planning

Business users can create and update any number of scenarios in one-click, allowing them to quickly visualize and understand the impact of their decisions.

Versions are not native in all of Planful’s products and therefore don’t interact with one another, which may lead to forecasting discrepancies.

Flexible planning

Because Pigment isn’t limited in capacity or number of users, organizations can easily adapt their models to their evolving needs.

Previous Planful users have moved to Pigment because the platform would often break when making changes.

Intuitive modeling

With Pigment’s natural syntax, building a model is within everyone’s reach - no need to learn a new language. With the Formula Playground, users can even test the outcome.

Planful’s products Dynamic Planning and Structured Planning each come with their own code base, which may lead users to learn how to model in two different technologies.

Data integrations

Keep everything in sync

Pigment integrates with your existing tech stack to free your team of time-consuming tasks and data transfer errors.





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