Make your strategic business planning truly adaptive

Leading organizations are making the switch from Workday Adaptive Planning to Pigment to make business planning more efficient. What are you waiting for?

Hear from customers who chose Pigment over Workday Adaptive Planning

"With Pigment, we know that we're able to adapt the tool to our needs rather than having to structure our planning processes around the tool."

Nicole Wittlin

VP Strategic Finance

"The strong functional capabilities and the scalability of the platform helps Webhelp unify and control complex financial reporting across its operations worldwide."

Bruno Vaffier

Chief Financial Officer

"In less than two months, Carta had rebuilt complete financial models in Pigment and successfully trained the team"

Janelle Watters

Strategic Finance Senior Manager

"With Pigment, we’re finally able to bring together our Finance and Procurement teams in one single platform, connect our models in real time, and share reliable data with our different managers."

Cécile Creusot

Financial Controlling Director

"The value that we can offer to the organization is that much more important and interesting – it’s an exciting time to be in finance!"

Sarah Riley

Head of Finance & Strategy

"I’m not easily sold when someone says ‘let’s implement a new tool,’ but… Pigment is a finance person’s tool."

Aayush Batra

Senior Financial Analyst

Why choose Pigment?

Single platform experience

Use one platform for unlimited possibilities.

Simplified data and user management

Native, business-owned data integrations

One interface for planning and reporting

Integrated planning at its best

Allow your finance team to become a true business partner.

Real-time connection between applications and teams

Engaging user experience across Finance, Sales, and HR

360 visibility with fine-grained access controls

Business decisions at scale

Pigment supports organizations’ growth over time.

Seamless integration with IT infrastructure

Ongoing flexibility with evolving planning processes

Pre-built templates to adapt to changing needs

Experience a new way of planning

Automate your data imports

Access all your data with direct and real-time integrations

Automate your imports with the Scheduling feature

Benefit from a single source of truth

Run native scenarios on the fly

Create scenarios in one click

Visually compare all possible outcomes in a single chart or grid

Make your scenarios read-only to prevent unwanted data inputs and imports

Access a spreadsheet experience on-demand

Switch to a familiar spreadsheet view without leaving Pigment

Ease inputs for end-users with cell-level inputs and formulas

Use it as a scratchpad environment, and feed the results back to your model

Create stunning reports

Format any table, including conditional formatting

Create bar charts, line charts, waterfall charts, treemaps, and more, in a matter of clicks

Display your organization’s colors in your charts

The #1 Workday Adaptive Planning alternative
is Pigment

Workday Adaptive Planning

Multidimensional modeling engine

Granular access controls and audit logs

Native direct integrations

Business users do not need to rely on IT to set up direct integrations with their source systems.

Setting up integrations requires expertise as the planning interface cannot handle simple data transformation, which may lead business users to heavily rely on the IT department.

Advanced workflows

With Pigment’s Automation Center, workflows are easily set and managed by business users in one single place.

Workflows can only be set up at the cost center level, and may lack granularity (e.g., different due date for a given cost center).

HR and Financial plan reconciliation

Pigment connects Financial, Workforce, and Sales plans in a single platform with seamless data flows between applications.

Financial and headcount plans live in two separate instances for existing Workday customers.

Business-owned what-if scenario planning

Business users can create and update any number of scenarios in one-click, allowing them to quickly visualize and understand the impact of their decisions.

Only platform administrators can set up scenarios, making it difficult to update assumptions over time or compare different versions dynamically and on-demand.

In-product conversations

Teams can easily add comments directly at the cell level, reply in-thread, assign tasks and notify collaborators of changes, all in Pigment.

Collaboration in Adaptive is limited to notes. It is not possible to reply to a thread or tag another user.

Business-owned maintenance

Business users are able to build, update and maintain their models over time on their own, in any way they want.

Heavy reliance on internal experts and external consulting firms, which may result in additional costs over time.

Centralized reporting

Pigment offers advanced formatting options for highly customized reporting, down to the cell level, in a centralized location.

Reporting is disconnected from the planning process and can take place across different interfaces, making it difficult to use and find the right information.

Data integrations

No need to go Adaptive for direct connection to Workday

Pigment integrates with your existing tech stack, including Workday with a direct and native integration, allowing you to visualize your financial and headcount plans in one single platform, instead of two separate instances in Workday Adaptive Planning.





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