Sales Capacity Planning with Pigment

Get a clear view of your sales capacity to allocate and optimize resources intelligently.

Sales capacity planning in Pigment

Capacity planning as we know it is broken

Effective capacity planning is essential for any organization to achieve success. But it can feel like a gamble, with organizations ending up with unoptimized resources and ineffective utilization of their workforce. There are three main reasons for this.

  • Lack of reliable data, resulting in assumption-driven plans

  • Lack of alignment between Sales, HR and Finance, resulting in siloed workflows, with each team testing different hypothesis in different spreadsheets or point solutions

  • The implicit complex nature of the process

Understand exactly where resource is required

Watch the 2 minute demo below to see how to manage Sales Capacity Planning in Pigment.

Integrate business data in seconds

Connect your use cases in real time with up-to-date financial and HR data and align your sales capacity model with revenue goals. Adjust your hiring plan to account for the impact of ramp-up and attrition.

Simplify sales capacity models 

Ease the complexity of sales capacity models by creating simple hierarchies and combining top-down/bottom-up approaches. Easily build accurate, multidimensional models without overly complex formulas.

Cross-functional collaboration made simple

One platform shared by all, with individual access rights. Overwrite, track changes, and test different hypotheses with cross-functional teams, without ever breaking your model.

Capacity planning in Pigment

Key features for effective Sales Capacity Planning

Automated data import

Collect accurate data from your systems (CRM, ERP, HRIS, ATS…) in real time to avoid time-consuming tasks and data import errors.

On-the-fly scenarios

Run what-if scenarios in minutes to assess the key drivers that affect your business.

Granular access rights

Pigment offers fine-grained security controls to let you configure what an individual or a group of users can do, see, or modify on any board, metric, dimension, or cell.

“It used to be that I would have to pull numbers and insights from the spreadsheets and put them into decks to share. Now we have those people actually using Pigment, getting their insights firsthand and actually contributing, which is much more scalable.”

Nicole Gilmour · Senior Manager, Revenue Operations