Sales Territory Planning with Pigment

Manage complex territory hierarchies and maximize coverage.

territory planning dashboard in Pigment

Territory planning as we know it is broken

Territory planning is a critical component of any sales strategy, but it can be difficult to get right. Unbalanced territories can cause serious issues.

  • Missed revenue opportunities with inaccurately measured total addressable markets (TAM)

  • High sales turnover due to inequitable quotas

  • High cost of sales from territories poorly correlated with industry and customer presence

Build coherent, intelligent territory plans

Watch the 2 minute demo below to see how to manage Territory Planning in Pigment.

Expand your reach

Identify and assign high TAM territories to maximize coverage and provide sales reps with a greater opportunity to achieve their targets.

Drive territory alignment

Slice and dice territories based on any criteria (account, geography, segment…), and run scenarios around specific territory alignment to ensure they’re fair and profitable.

Keep reps satisfied

Design territories in a way that provides sales reps with a greater and equal opportunity to hit their targets, decreasing turnover and cost of acquisition.

territory planning in Pigment

Key features for effective territory planning

Automated data import

Collect accurate data from your systems (CRM, ERP, HRIS, ATS…) in real time to avoid time-consuming tasks and data import errors.

On-the-fly scenarios

Run what-if scenarios in minutes to assess the key drivers that affect your business.

Drill down

Better understand all the components that make up your territories (e.g., accounts, segments, etc.).

“One year you can have two regions and four territories, and then the following year you may want to divide the world into three regions with three segments and three territories in each of those, so being able to change the structure of the model is something that is easy to do in Pigment.”

Troels Veien · Sales Analytics & Performance Manager