Introducing Pigment AI

Say hi to faster and smarter business planning

Pigment AI statement

Business planning just became as easy as a conversation

At Pigment, our goal is to make business planning easier and accessible to everyone.  We’re now one step closer to achieving this.

Pigment AI will allow anyone in your company to use natural language in a familiar chat-like interface.

Get instant answers to the questions that matter.

Work faster

Automate tedious tasks and get answers to questions, fast.

Work better

Make it easy for people to get involved with minimal ramp-up time.

Work smarter

Make recommendations with confidence, and impactful reports.

How it works

Pigment AI is reshaping the future of integrated business planning

Get the answers you’re looking for with instant queries

Ask Pigment to drill through your data, then let AI reveal the insights you need.

Ai prompt in Pigment

Test new assumptions in seconds with AI scenario planning

Ask your new assistant to play out different what-if scenarios to help you make the best decisions.

Ai scenarios in Pigment

Make it easy to execute your decisions

Automate your workflows: set reminders to the right people or even ask Pigment AI to get started for you.

Ai automations in Pigment

Interpret your data faster with AI-generated summaries

Hire a new in-house reporter. Let Pigment AI write concise summaries for your business partners.

Ai summary in Pigment

Frequently asked questions

When can I start using Pigment AI?

Pigment AI is coming soon! Join the waitlist to be one of the first to access it.

I’m not a Pigment customer yet. How can I learn more about Pigment AI?

If you’d like to learn more about how Pigment AI can help you, get in touch.

How will Pigment AI work?

Users will be able to use natural language in a familiar chat-like interface to get quick answers to the questions that matter in an intuitive way.

What are some of the key features of Pigment AI?

Pigment AI introduces new capabilities to the Pigment platform that will help business teams make faster, more informed decisions.

Key features of Pigment AI will include data querying, pattern identification, smart insights, automated analysis and reporting, assisted modeling and scenario building.

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