IDC InfoBrief: Advance your integrated planning to navigate a dynamic business environment

Integrated planning is the best way to equip your business to effectively adapt to change. In this InfoBrief, you'll find a framework that will help you benchmark and then improve your organization's capabilities.

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Traditional, transitional, or advanced - where does your business stand?

To thrive in a world full of disruptions, organizations must be able to understand and navigate multiple business scenarios, plan and report in real time, react to change quickly, achieve new levels of precision, and connect strategy and execution. 

The only way all of that is possible is through integrated business planning.

In this IDC InfoBrief, authors Tom Seal, Edyta Kosowska, and Ashok Patel explore the factors driving the rise of integrated planning, and offer advice to drive change in your organization.

What’s in the brief?

  • The backdrop - why is integrated planning more important than ever?

  • Building a strong foundation for integrated planning

  • Maturity matrix - where do you stand?

  • Opinion and advice from CFOs

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