Sales Quota Planning with Pigment

Set fair quotas for your sales team that are aligned with your organization’s objectives.

quota planning dashboard in Pigment

Quota planning as we know it
is broken

Despite the best efforts of sales teams, only 50% of the sales force is able to meet or exceed their quotas each year. Quota planning is plagued by three main issues.

  • Quotas test multiple hypotheses across multiple spreadsheets

  • Quotas are based on assumptions rather than the reality of the market

  • Quotas aren’t aligned with organizations’ revenue goals

Motivate your team by setting better goals

Watch the 2 minute demo below to see how to manage Quota Planning in Pigment.

Get quotas out in a timely manner

Deliver quotas to your sales reps at the beginning of the year to enable them to plan their strategy without wasting time reconstructing their plans mid-year.

Keep teams motivated

Set clear and equitable goals in alignment with specific targets.

Set quotas with confidence

Consolidate your use cases in real-time, within a single location, and establish quotas that are grounded in performance metrics, territory allocation, hiring plans, and revenue goals.

quota planning in Pigment

Key features for effective Quota Planning

Automated data import

Collect accurate data from your systems (CRM, ERP, HRIS, ATS…) in real time to avoid time-consuming tasks and data import errors.

Scenarios on the fly

Run what-if scenarios in minutes to test various assumptions for your quota plan, using reliable and accurate data.

Drill down

Better understand all the components that make up quotas (e.g., territories, segments).


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