Build a shared understanding of the numbers that matter

Pigment breaks down silos and gives your teams a single source of truth – helping you align the whole organization.

Be sure everyone understands what lies behind the numbers

Quickly onboard new analysts and get everyone on the same page.

Build models using easy, Excel-like syntax

Formula preview lets you see the results in real-time as you model

Show business partners the dependencies of your formulas so everyone is on the same page

Engage your team with stunning charts

Use our advanced reporting features to build accurate reports and impactful charts to identify trends.

Format any table, including conditional formatting

In a matter of clicks, create bar charts, line charts, waterfall charts, treemaps and more

Personalize your views to display key figures

Gather feedback & analysis in one place

Get off email and work as a united team by sharing inputs and talking on your boards.

Tag colleagues, leave comments and reply to get work done quickly

Deliver insights on your models with a display text widget

Trust your models

Get all the benefits of shared metrics in one app.

Ensure data integrity and consistency across your models

Diffuse your data instantly across your organization to be ensure all models up to date

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It’s all about alignment