More time thinking, less time data-crunching

Pigments simplifies your data preparation process and frees up headspace for you to focus on what matters.

Save time data-crunching

Make the flip: spend 80% of your time analyzing and exploring data, and only 20% getting it ready.

Automatically import data from all your business apps – ERP, CRM, accounting, billing, BI and HR

Clean and enrich your data in seconds

Model faster

Get flexible models up and running in a matter of hours, not days.

Use an easy Excel-like syntax

Speed up your process with autocomplete formulas and calculated items

Connect the dots

Stop re-building your models from scratch every quarter.

Create shared metrics for all your teams

Diffuse your data in real-time across all your applications so every model is up-to-date and scalable

Avoid errors

Leave painful spreadsheet cell modeling behind.

Use Pigment’s powerful object-based modeling environment to speed up your process

Directly call objects and aggregate your data by dimension to create models that are scalable and easy to maintain

Gather inputs

Quit juggling multiple spreadsheets and sorting through reams of emails.

Use powerful collaboration workflows to get data from your colleagues – painlessly

Gather inputs and avoid disjointed files

Understand your data

Trust your models and see where your numbers come from

Use Pigment’s drill-down feature to identify the components of your formulas

Manage and track different versions to identify any input or model changes