How Pigment's Uplifting Values Promote An Outstanding Work Culture

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Learn about the four action-based values that make up our company culture and how they facilitate us to rise up as one strong, aligned team.

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Rebeca Tristan
January 6, 2023

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How Pigment's Uplifting Values Promote An Outstanding Work Culture


When you work at any company, your time is split across many things: defining a vision, setting strategies, completing tasks… The common thread is that all of those are intertwined with building relationships with people. 

Every person comes into a company with their own expectations and ambitions, and their guiding principles for what they care about most. By definition, prioritizing those values comes at a trade-off of others.

When choosing a company, their intrinsic values play a big role in people’s decisions - whether consciously or subconsciously. It becomes a lot easier to attract, retain, and nurture talent - but also grow a business - if their values are well defined and communicated.

When companies have a clearly defined set of values, employees gain a framework of both individual and collaborative behaviors to aspire towards. They also receive guidance about what matters most (and least) to a company, so they can assess their fit and likelihood to succeed. The more relatable and actionable values are, the more likely they are to be adhered to.

At Pigment, we know our people are part of our secret sauce to drive our business forward. So we invested a lot of energy in defining and refining our values. We arrived at our values through inclusive conversations, workshops, and pulse surveys to define the best attributes we embody as one global team.

Our shared values empower us to create an inspiring work culture — one that results in success for all! We're proud to be the kind of company that celebrates every individual's unique strengths and experiences.

Read on for a detailed look into the four uplifting values that drive our outstanding work culture.

Our action-based values are crafted to have a direct cultural impact.

At Pigment, we take our values seriously.

Pigment values

They are essential to building a sustainable culture; values define who we are and connect everyone with a common purpose. We have crafted our values in such a way that they will truly have impact and make each Pigmenaut’s experience consistently positive. How?

  • Our values are memorable by being provocative and true to us. It’s easy to spot examples every day around us. 
  • Our values are selective, we have no more than four - which helps with the memorability - and we don’t claim to stand for everything.
  • We keep our values simple, and action-oriented.

We want our values to initially make people do a double take and ask, “why?” because that’s when they sink in – when you stop what you're doing and think about how these values will change your way of working or interacting with others.

Our values are alive in every interaction we have and, as they become part of our fabric, they encourage us all to enact change towards a better future - not just for ourselves, but for everyone around us.

Indeed, by making this cultural impact on an everyday basis, the four Pigment values foster real growth and improvement in the communities we inhabit and affect:

Thrive together: We can only win as a team. We are all founders and do the right thing for our peers, Pigment, customers, partners and the planet.

Pigment provides a powerful team environment where collaboration is the key to success.

We “thrive together” when we all take initiative and strive for the best possible outcomes for our customers, partners, peers, and the planet. We prioritize long-term sustainability through conscious decision making that builds for scale.

Inclusivity is fundamental at Pigment; we celebrate each other’s differences and commonalities, fostering understanding with open minds before passing judgment.

Our team works together to build an inclusive space, encouraging each other to bring our best potential and use collaborative problem-solving to make powerful solutions. With this engaging workflow and strong sense of community among us, we are confident that the efforts we put in will be rewarded with amazing outcomes.

Above all else, kindness needs to be the cornerstone of how we grow together as a team.

Never settle: Aim to become the best at what you do by delivering with rigor and ambition every day. Delivering for us means to build a passionate Pigment community.

At Pigment, we never settle.

We work harder every day to become the best at what we do and never stop raising the bar. We are building a passionate and supportive community through delivering extraordinary experiences in each of our customer interactions and product features.

Our ambition is powered by an entrepreneurial mindset that involves flexibility, a builder mentality, and an adaptability that allows us to never give up on the quest for greatness.

We strive for each and every one of our customers or vendors to be a raving Pigment ambassador who can proudly say they are part of this incredible journey with us!

To support this, we believe in creating a work environment where our employees feel empowered and appreciated. management needs to make more efforts to show care and value their teams, because never settling can also lead to never feeling fully satisfied.

Go for it: We are biased towards action. Every action leads us to learning and these learnings get us one step closer to our mission.

We believe in taking a go-for-it mindset: act on your ideas, take calculated risks, and go outside your comfort zone.

Impact matters more than motion — we're looking for the unique and exceptional results you can bring from just bringing yourself with all of your diverse experiences and expertise.

We understand that everyone's different, so you have the flexibility to set up whatever conditions you need to get things done. Plus, since customer-centricity is at the heart of all our decisions, you can be sure that everything you take on will always be in service to our customers first!

So go ahead — take the plunge, explore new possibilities and don't forget to keep learning and growing.

Be real, be humble: We are generous with our feedback, open to change our views and we approach it with empathy knowing everyone is trying to do the best for Pigment.

We work hard and show genuine care for ourselves and our people.

Instead of assuming we have the final answer, we strive to be curious and open-minded. Whenever anything is identified that could be improved, we work together to brainstorm ideas on how to handle it — nothing is taken for granted!

We have seen time and again that success comes from collaboration, transparency, and constructive dialogue. We also understand that successful teamwork and growth come from an environment of empathy and acceptance.

This is something we actively work to foster in the office; recognizing the unique skill sets and distinct personalities of everyone on staff and honoring them by creating an atmosphere where creative growth is encouraged without judgment.

Additionally, we provide open channels for feedback from both managers and individual contributors to ensure that everyone has the platform they need to be more than successful within Pigment's culture.

Happy Pigmenauts make for a happy and productive workplace

A happy workplace doesn't just happen by chance — it takes careful planning and effort to create an environment where employees can thrive.

At Pigment, we are striving to support our team and provide them with the resources they need to succeed — yet, we know that there is so much more to get done (#NeverSettle and #ThriveTogether of course).

Our values of ownership, humility, ambition, and collaboration help promote a strong work culture that attracts and retains the best talent in the industry.

If you're looking for an opportunity to join a growing company with a positive, empowering work culture, visit our careers page today — we’d love to hear from you!

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