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This Is How CFOs Will Navigate the Economic Downturn

Finance teams

In a recession, those who plan win. We unveil a seasoned CFO’s proven strategies to fight recession, inflation, and the market crash.

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Chloé Comperat
June 10, 2022

Create flexible and predictable sales forecasts

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This Is How CFOs Will Navigate the Economic Downturn


In 2019, Ajay Vashee was announced Bay Area CEO of the Year by the San Francisco Business Times. At the time, he was one of the youngest CFOs of a publicly traded company.

Ajay is currently General Partner at IVP, a late-stage venture capital and growth equity firm. He has helped invest in Figma, Superhuman, and TaxBit. Overall, IVP celebrates its 127th IPO, 12 of which took place in 2021 alone.

In the past, Ajay led Dropbox to a successful IPO and scaled it from $45M to $2B in revenue, with over 600 million users.

All of this to say, Ajay Vashee knows what it takes to survive economic chaos through outstanding Financial leadership. And we’re extremely proud to have him onboard with us to talk strategy.

Here’s a sneak preview of Ajay’s talk track during the webinar:

This one hour investment will shorten your work day by 50%

Apologies for the slight click-bait, but it’s not far off. There are three key lessons from Pigment’s June 29th webinar that can cut those long work hours in half:

  • How to focus on value creation in Strategic Finance
  • Mission critical financial metrics to navigate market uncertainty
  • How to use scenario planning to map out and plan for every possibility

So, you evaluate - measure - predict (with accuracy) your way through economic pandemonium. With this clear action plan, and a little help from Pigment, you can be home for dinner on time, each day of the week.

And that’s the strategy Ajay will unveil, with our Co-Founder and Co-CEO Eleonore Crespo for a very special webinar:

CFO’s Strategies to Fight Inflation, Recession, and the Market Crash.

Why better business planning is the need of the hour

Business planning exists in your day-to-day, regardless of how you label it or the tools you use to execute it. But are you really extracting its maximum potential? What if there was a way to:

  • Consolidate distributed data across your HRIS, CRM, and data warehouse into a single source
  • Drag and drop elements from multidimensional data models
  • Run powerful forecasts on enormous sets of data
  • Conduct what-if scenario analyses to choose the optimal path given your options
  • Align Finance and Revenue teams to partner up within a single platform

If you had all this, you’d save time on all the data prep/data requests/limited visibility and focus on what really matters: sustaining your company to move towards an optimistic future. You’d have better business planning, and you would make smarter decisions as a result.

Gartner identified an urgent need for automation and digitization in the Finance world. What’s more, 61% of CFOs feel their teams are not collaborative enough as strategic business partners.

The key takeaway here: the FP&A function as a whole is the leader responsible for smooth sailing through the pandemic. And those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

Panic or Pigment: what will you choose?

We all need a good venting session.

On a serious note, acknowledging your emotional state of being is good for health. But you don’t have to slip into a state of panic. Choose to pause, reassess, and re-forecast.

And give us the honor of empowering your success.

Come join us on June 29th, for our webinar where we’ll approach this recession together and build a solid plan to make it through with flying colors.

Register here to attend - if you can’t make it, register anyway and we’ll send you a recording. 

See you there!

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