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George Hood
April 29, 2024

Create flexible and predictable sales forecasts

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SWTCH Online: Now available on demand


After 9 sessions spread across 3 days and with thousands of attendees, SWTCH Online is now in the books.

Here's what happened:

Day 1

  • Deep dive into Pigment AI
    We take a pragmatic approach to AI implementation within Pigment, with a focus on assisting decision makers, rather than automating their jobs. In this session,  demoed assisted data visualization, assisted modeling, and time-series forecasting in Pigment.
  • Addressing challenges with ESG reporting
    This session with Deloitte outlined a typical ESG journey for organizations looking to undertake sustainability initiatives - from preparation to implementation. We saw that the biggest obstacle is often data availability, and heard how Deloitte helps clients navigate it. Catch the replay for more actionable advice.
  • Playing the AI game with NVIDIA
    Shanker Trivedi, who heads up Enterprise Business at NVIDIA, gave us a guided tour of the development of the non-gaming side of the business. Then, we dove into AI: practical use cases for today like call summarization, the growing importance of ‘sovereign AI’, and how people might use it to advance their own careers. 

Day 2

  • Exec insights on navigating and managing change
    Orchestrating people and technology, ‘planning to replan’ and adjusting planning horizons, and why ‘learning organizations’ are those that experience the most long-term success were all on the agenda in this insightful session with the former CFO of Netsuite and the former CEO of Coupa.
  • Spring Health on managing scale
    In this session with Spring Health, Seth Benkov, VP of FP&A, gave us an overview of their approach to workforce planning and how it’s enabled them to support rapid growth, as well as insight into how his team collaborates with RevOps on sales capacity.
  • A deep dive into Workforce Planning in Pigment
    Building on the previous session, our final webinar of the day saw solutions consultants Martin and Steve give a detailed tour of how customers like Spring Health use Pigment to visualize their workforces, manage compensation and promotion, plan the hiring process, analyze skills gaps, and more.

Day 3

  • Setting up world-class SPM
    The first session of the day saw SPM discussed from both sides of the fence: sales operations and finance. They covered best practice for mitigating attrition risk, making adjustments midway through the year, managing competing priorities at the end of year, and more.
  • CROs everywhere
    CROs from Gong and 6sense joined us to share RevOps advice and secrets. They covered ‘data wars’ and how to resolve them, empathizing and building relationships with other teams, and why you should avoid ‘toxic optimism’...
  • Build the supply chain interlock
    The right stuff, at the right time - sounds simple, right? It rarely is, with so many teams involved. In this supply chain session, Colin from Rebar Advisors joined us to  discuss how to invest in and fine tune your data model, balancing coordination and speed, the dangers of ‘shadow plans’, and how to be ‘aligned enough’ to avoid a consensus plan that nobody is happy with.

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