Power up your Pigment experience with Sheet View

Leverage the power of Pigment while staying in your spreadsheet comfort zone

Switch any grid into a spreadsheet without leaving Pigment, and continue to enjoy key features such as access rights, real-time updates, pivoting and filters. You can even display Sheet View directly on a board.

Access a spreadsheet experience on-demand in the same platform you plan

Accelerate the way you work thanks to an intuitive workflow.

Collaborate better and reduce the proliferation of data across different tools.

One place for all your planning needs, from the most complex to the simplest ones

Save time and take advantage of the full extent of Pigment’s flexibility: prepare your budget and forecast in Pigment, switch to Sheet View in one click to run ad-hoc calculations and quick sanity checks, and feed the results back into Pigment. All without leaving the platform.

Ease inputs for end users

Thanks to a familiar spreadsheet experience, end users can easily add inputs with cell level inputs and formulas.

Run ad-hoc calculations and analysis

Test your on-the-fly assumptions and perform sanity checks without leaving Pigment.

Create ultra-customized reporting

Format your data the way you want and provide a familiar reporting experience to your stakeholders.

“Sheet View gives you that last-mile flexibility without leaving Pigment.”

Jose Ramon Iglesias · VP of FP&A at Uberall

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Frequently asked questions

What is Sheet View?

Sheet View is a display mode available directly in Pigment; once activated, the view appears similar to a spreadsheet.

How should I use Sheet View?

Sheet View can be used for cell-level inputs, on-the-fly calculations and sanity checks, and last-mile reporting.

Who should use Sheet View?

Anyone can use Sheet View. The familiarity of the interface makes it particularly easy for end users to add inputs or formulas at the cell level.

What is your pricing model?

Our plans are designed to meet the needs of different organizations. You can check our plans here.

How secure is my data within Pigment?

We provide enterprise security standards with SOC1 Type 1 and SOC2 Type 2, and your data security is our priority. You can spread some of the measures we take to protect your critical data here.